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Love and passion served up in each dish.
Delight in palm-sized art.

Dishes feature seafood and meat from the neighboring Nanki region as well as other seasonal ingredients ordered from all over Japan.
Choose from three dining options, including genuine and novel kaiseki, hotplate teppanyaki food, which the chef prepares before you to order, or the buffet.

Three dining options to choose from

Exceptional eating choices include kaiseki, teppanyaki and buffet options.

  • Buffet


    Our expert Japanese chefs prepare Japanese cuisine including fresh-fried tempura, seafood char-grilled using Kishu Binchotan charcoal, hand‐shaped sushi as part of fresh seafood made before your eyes, sashimi and more…

  • Kaiseki


    A menu featuring selected seasonal food ingredients and guaranteed to satisfy guests. We also revise the menu monthly to ensure optimum hospitality for our repeat guests.

  • Teppanyaki


    First, savor a seasonal starter, followed by grilled vegetables and beef fillet steak, etc. A visual cooking feast put on by the chef for your own enjoyment.

Dining information

  • Buffet restaurant

    Buffet restaurant

    Dine while delighting in the beautiful scenery of Shirahama on show.
    The terrace seats are ideal for a relaxing and carefree time; nestling in the comfortable breeze.

  • Japanese cuisine - Kashima

    Japanese cuisine - Kashima

    Enjoy kaiseki or teppanyaki.
    Kaiseki diners can enjoy the finest creative cuisine of the head chef serving masterful kyo-kaiseki dishes.

Other dining facilities

  • Lounge α · β

    We also have two karaoke lounges, which accommodate from 15 to 20 persons.
    (Advance reservation required for use.)

    Opening hours 21:00~24:00

Breakfast buffet information


Breakfast features a wide-ranging Japanese-Western style buffet.
Please eat well to get the most out of your day!

Service hours 7:00~9:30

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